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Natural Fiber HATS & Accessories
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Handmade Journals and Cards from Bhaktapur, Nepal
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Wetlands Coloring Book
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Recycled RubberTire and Hemp Purse
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Greek Fisherman’s Wool Cap
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Tuareg Carnelian Necklace
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Recycled Silk Knit Scarf
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Handknit Woolen Sweater with Hood
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Dhukuti blockprinted hat
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About Greater Goods

Our mission at Greater Goods is to sell high quality, handcrafted goods produced by artisans from around the world. We strive to find unique,

practical items made by producers who are supported by Fair Trade principles: a fair price to the producer, and a good value and fair price to you, the consumer.

The World Community

The world community is growing smaller and ever more interconnected as we mesh into the new millennium. As consumers, we can further develop our compassion and understanding of people and cultures from all parts of the planet by focusing our business on exchange and Fair Trade. Gaining both a cultural understanding and providing a means of economic support for producers from many lands, we hope to educate our customers with the concept of international sustainable business practices through selling high quality goods from fairly traded sources. Your choices can make a world of difference to people in need of income and employment. Learn more about fair trade.

Our Online Catalog

We are opening our Greater Goods Online inventory with imports from Nepal. Our suppliers have worked to develop and import sweaters, jewelry, clothing, accessories, prayer flags and paper products from Nepal since 1985. Through our web site, we hope to find new customers who will love these goods as much as we do! Customer service has been a major asset in building our business here in Eugene, Oregon. We will continue providing good service as we learn the web. Your response and feedback is appreciated to help us build this new relationship. Send us your feedback or questions anytime.

The Story of 1,000 Cranes

A Thousand Cranes is the true and poignant story of Sadako Sasaki, a young victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb disaster. She was only two years old when the bomb fell and seemed to be unharmed, but at twelve she was diagnosed with leukemia, an aftermath of the bomb’s effects. With boundless optimism, she takes an old story to heart: If a sick person folds a thousand paper origami cranes the gods will grant her wish and make her well again. She begins to fold her thousand cranes.

Before Sadako is able to complete her task, she is visited by her Grandmother who lovingly carries her on the back of a glorious crane, to the land of a thousand, thousand spirits.

Her friends and classmates finished Sadako’s work. They folded enough cranes to make a thousand. Today children in Japan and all over the world fold a thousand cranes and lay them at the feet of Sadako’s statue in the Hiroshima Peace Park. Their wish is engraved at the bottom of the monument:

This is our cry,
This is our prayer,
Peace in the world.

Greater Goods

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